Meeting Pictures

May 19, 2010

“Innovations in the Commodity Arena”

Picture 1
Mr. Scott Burns, Morningstar

Picture 2
(Left to Right) Dr. Paul Kaplan, Morningstar; Dr. Keith Black, Ennis Knupp & Associates;
Mr. Scott Burns, Morningstar; Mr. Ryan Abrams, Alphametrix

June 21, 2005 

“Opportunities in New Exotic Financial Instruments – Closed-end Funds, Hedge Funds and Structured Products”

Picture from the event

(Left to Right): David Barone, Turning Point Securities (QWAF SC); Ranga Nathan, InvestMatrix Inc. (QWAF SC); Paul Williams, Nuveen Investments (speaker); Keith Styrcula, Structured Products Association and JP Morgan Chase (speaker); Matthew Moran, CBOE (moderator and QWAF SC); John Larkin, HFR Asset Management (speaker); Barry Feldman, Prism Analytics (QWAF SC); and Hilary Till, Premia Capital (QWAF SC).  (SC: steering)

March 25, 2004

“Volatility and Enhanced Returns”

 Click here for picture from event:
Dr. Barry Feldman, Mr. Matthew Moran, Ms. Hilary Till, Dr. Joanne Hill, and Mr. Gary Lahey.

June 20, 2002

“Issues in Improving and Measuring Risk-Adjusted Returns”

Picture 1
(Left to Right) Mr. Matt Moran, CBOE and Dr. Michele Gambera, UBS

Picture 2
(Left to Right) Ms. Hilary Till, Co-editor, Intelligent Commodity Investingand
Dr. Peter Jankovskis, Oakbrook Investments

Picture 3
(Left to Right) Dr. Michele Gambera, UBS and Dr. Peter Jankovskis,Oakbrook Investments